Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Great News for the Dippers

They're still in fourth place in Quebec. Paul Wells writes a blurb here.


Cicely said...

James - i am so used to your sarcasm not sure how to read your post. When I read the Wells piece it clearly shows libs in worse shape in province while the NDP is growing our support. Perhaps you should re-read Well's last graph...

Robert McClelland said...

Thanks, James. That is great news for the Dippers.

Jaker said...

cicely and robert are right. Let me provide the proper context by quoting Wells:

"The Liberal Party of Canada is in a knife fight for third place in Quebec. And it is solidly on track to lose that fight." (to the NDP)

That's Quebec-wide mind you, so dividing urban and rural areas makes for an even more interesting story.

James Curran said...

Actually the REAL story hidden in the Wells story is the fact that Harper's immigration strategy is payin goff for him in Quebec. But, I think Wells missed that.

Ted said...

2nd, 3rd, 4th across the province who cares? We don't have a US electoral college system here.

Canadian elections are pretty simple: Win the most votes in one riding and you get the seat.

So when the polls show the NDP and the Conservatives chipping away at the Bloc support... where Liberals have no chance of winning... who gives a crap.

This poll shows the Liberals not losing a single seat in the next election and maybe gaining, and it shows the NDP not gaining a single seat.

If that is heaven for the NDP, then congratulations. You are almost relevant.