Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What? No Spring Election?

Here's what I'm gonna say about that. If that's the case, the Dippers win. I concede to their wisdom. Good on you Dippers.

Sooner or later someone in this Liberal Party has to state the obvious without spinning it out of control. And, here it goes.

This Conservative government makes Mulroney's government look like a convent. They have abused every possible act of decorum in the House of Commons, challenged every single institution in Canada from the nuclear commission to the military police commission to Elections Canada to the court system. And here we are sitting in front of our TVs listening to Ralph Goodale suggest that we will not call for a spring election. That means we will be abstaining or supporting the Conservative Immigration Bill. Not to mention simultaneously, this brutal, shitty, ridiculous budget. Sorry Tuna, I no can do.

Now, I'm not certain how the rest of the so-called Liberal grassroots feel, but this nobody/blogger/involved/opinionated/donating/active/grassroots Liberal is baffled beyond all belief. And, I know I am not alone. I know that a bunch of caucus members are with me on this. I KNOW that more than one Liblogger and maybe two active members are with me.

So, I'm thinking that this blog will be dedicated to 100% provincial, municipal and recreational matters if we do not defeat the Conservative government before the summer break. And, I'm certain I won't be found to be working on a federal campaign if it's any date after July 15, 2008. I can no longer listen to Van Loan, Kenney and, of all people, Poilievre mock my party of choice.

Like brains, I thought they said trains. So, I'll wait for the next one.


Möbius said...

A Spring election is, in my opinion, is a dumb idea. What makes it dumber is the continuing threatening of an election, without following through.

The LPC needs (at least) another year to improve their fortunes, so what's the rush?

James Curran said...

Have you been living under a rock?

Everything Social said...

Assuming the Liberals keep the Conservatives alive and don't vote non-confidence. Then one of two things will happen.

1)The Conservatives are be able to deface our tools of democracy. Justice is not served, and over spending, braking election regulations become campaign tools. And Canada forever loses the fairness in elections it enjoyed in the past.

2)The Liberals are tied to the Conservatives and are destroyed along with Stephen Harper's deceitful government. This is the best hope the Conservatives have, because it is still unlikely that the NDP will form the government. The result will likely be another minority government where the Conservatives may hold the strings of power.

In neither case will the Liberals be untarnished if they continue to support the Conservatives and do not vote them out. In fact the Liberals might find themselves wiped out instead of the Conservatives.

Austin said...

Why call an election before a full investigation into the various antics of the CPC have revealed the full extent of their bullshit?

While I've always held the opinion that they are a party founded on lies and political hacks, there are a lot of people who have been selectively blind to it (in fact 30-35% of them) for the sake of brand loyalty.

The goal should be to have rock solid evidence of how absolutely repugnant this party is to everything that we hold dear as Canadians, so that even the most loyal conservatives can't help but turn away from this total joke of a political party.

The CPC should be buried. Completely. If the LPC takes a partial hit because of it, then so be it.

Anyone who believes that the CPC can form anything resembling a majority after all this shit, should try to have a little more faith in the morality of the average Canadian.


James Curran said...

And just how would my colleagues hoding seats or campaigning for a seat in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal - call that the base of our party - explain to our very large immigant voting base that we supported or didn't feel it was important enough to kill he ludicrous immigration bill hidden inside a budget bill?????

Greg said...

Welcome to the dark side, James (maybe?). The NDP is far, far, from perfect, but they are the best alternative out there at the moment.

James Curran said...

Lol. Make no mistake Greg, I won't be wearing Orange in my lifetime. With responsibility - something the Dippers won't have ever- comes tough decisions. I have a different opinion than my leader as to when the next election should be. So, I'll wait it out I guess.

Möbius said...

Have you been living under a rock?

Not that I'm aware of.

Do you think you can win either a majority or minority now?

James Curran said...

Yes I do.