Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Dion Bans Blackberrys - Fife and Duffy to have Drought

The drought is on for CTV. Duffy is reporting Dion lashed out at the two veteran - one of which should be sitting in the Con's caucus - reporters and has apparently banned the use of Blackberrys at caucus meetings. I know two Liberal MPs from a nearby province that will be devistated for sure.

Good for you Stephane. Long overdue buddy.

APDATE: Tonda Mccharles and Fife say now they will have to wait 45 extra minutes to get the Liberal scoop.


RuralSandi said...

Ah yes, McCharles and Duffy - two of the "chosen" to attend the secret meeting about the In and Out Scandal.

Poor old Duff - they've caught on to him.

I think to be one of the "chosen" you have to have gone easy and/or supported Harper.

Jennifer Smith said...

Does that apply to Garth Turner too? Damn!