Monday, April 28, 2008

The Decertification of the Conservative Party of Canada

Wouldn't that be something? Will it happen? Highly unlikely. Could that be one of Elections Canada's remedies? You bet.

On CBC's Sunday with hosts Carole MacNeil and Evan Soloman, Pierre the stretcher of the truth Poilievre appeared on the political panel. Naturally, he lied through his teeth through the entire interview spreading incorrect information to viewers like I spread manure on my garden yesterday - thick and everywhere.

After Pepe le Pierre was finished, a panel was brought on featuring Heather MacIsaac, a PoliSci prof, John Geddes of Macleans and Gloria Galloway of the Globe. Not to underscore the seriousness of the allegations leveled against the Conservative Party of Canada, MacIsaac explains to the hosts and the others on the panel that one of the remedies or penalties that may be thrown at the CPoC is "decertification".

What would that mean? It means, should the party be decertified, all of their elected MPs would have to find a new name to call themselves. In addition, each of the 67 individual ridings involved could face decertification without the Party being deceritfied.

Doesn't that sound pretty serious to you Mr. and Mrs. Canada? I guess Petit Pierre missed that in the talking points.

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