Sunday, April 27, 2008

CTV Hides Another Poilievre Blunder

Well, for the second time in less than a week, I can't get a video clip where Pierre the mouth tells another lie, and another lie and another lie. Today on Question Period, young, koolaid drinking Poilievre asserts that Liberal MP Domenic Leblanc used some in and out scheme of his own in the last campaign. This came as a shock to me - and I'm certain Mr. Leblanc.

Pierre continues to say that these types of transfers happen "every day" in politics. Every day Pierre? Really? Give your head a shake buddy.

Lets have a look at Domenic's Return shall we.

As you can see, the only transfer from the Liberal Party to Domenic Leblanc's campaign is for $800. Domenic's campaign repaid that $800 and an additional $1500, which was more than likely the cost of his campaign kit supplied by the party. There is no wires from bank to bank. No claim for TV ads that never ran in New Brunswick.

Now let's compare Domenic's return to Conservative Cabinet Minister Lawrence Cannon's.

You'll notice in Mr. Cannon's return, Mr. Cannon received 10,126.18 on January 6, 2006. On January 12, 2006, Mr. Cannon wired the money back to the party, claiming an expense under the heading of "other expense", thereby trying to get a rebate of 60% of that 10,126.18.

Now, does anyone really think that these two examples are exactly the same thing, as Poor Pierre Poilievre would try to convince the rest of Canada they are? Like seriously?

You could view all the expense reports on the Elections Canada website as well. But the Conservatives are propbably going to start telling people that the website has false returns on it. That's the next talking point I'm certain. And, just why is Poor Pierre's interview not available on the Question Period site? That CTV sure is something I tell ya.


leftdog said...

Facts mean absolutely nothing to Pierre and his Master. They are so deeply self righteous politically that they are no longer capable of logic and honest concepts of reality. Great post!

James Curran said...

Thanks Doggie.

Red Tory said...

What a horrid little man Poilievre is. I think you're being too generous in describing this as a "blunder" which makes it seem like an accident rather than what is more likely the case — a deliberate deception.

Jaytoo said...

Most media's failure to puncture that CPC spin line ("all the parties are doing it") has been frustrating and disheartening. Nicely done, James.

knb said...

He was also on CBC Sunday, (they don't provide clips unfortunately) and was even more outrageous.

However, there was a follow up panel with Heather MacIsaac (political science prof), Gedes of MacLeans, and Gloria Galloway G&M. Unlike QP, they eviserated everything Poilievre said.
MacIsaac was especially effective. Galloway a bit out of her depth, imo.

Good post.

James Curran said...

Actually Heather was bold enough to tell everyone of the seriousness of these allegations against the Conservatives, including the slight possibility of decertification of the party. So, in case Poilievre doesn't get it, he should order the transcript of the segment.

northwestern_lad said...

With all the stuff that Poilievre is throwing out there, I'm just waiting for someone to call him on his lies with a lawsuit, because if you ask me, what he's saying sounds very slanderous. Mind you, knowing how these Cons think, that might be exactly what they want.

James Curran said...

Actually, I'm a little disappointed the Liberal Party is not doing a presentation such as this on Powerpoint in front of the media. That would enable the average Joe to understand this better.