Monday, April 28, 2008

The Globe's Galloway Pokes A Hole in Poilievre's Story

I just love this guy Poilievre. Man, I haven't seen a guy like him on the Hill since Lyin' Brian.

Sunday's CBC show with Evan and Carole had a political panel on after the ridiculous interview with Pierre la Pieu. Pinocchio Pierre asserts over and over again that CBC or someone in the CBC or someone at Elections Canada tipped off the Liberal Party to send cameras over to the Conservative's office to capture "the raid" on film. Pierrino also asserts, along with many many other Conservative talking heads that someone at Elections Canada tipped off CBC.

What Pierre Parrot and the other CONs don't complain about is that one of their shills of choice, Gloria Galloway was also at RAIDFEST 2008. Gloria admits on the CBC Sunday show that she was at the Raid and, in fact, beat the Liberals there. That blows a hole wide open in the Conservative theory that the Liberals came with the CBC to the RAID. Keep in mind, Gloria was one of the chosen few that was allowed to attend the SPARROWFEST that took place in not one, but two hotel rooms in Ottawa a week ago.

How come none of the Conservatives are complaining that Gloria Galloway was their for the raid on their office? Why are they so fixated on the CBC? Tell us Pepe La Pierre. We wanna know. Tell us!


jm said...

So are we to take Gloria Galloway as the gospel of the events?

I still remember when she tried making a point about Lyin' Brian's furniture and who bought it and was shot down quite quickly. I took that as she did not know what she was talking about.

I bet she got that version from the hubby ;-)

wilson said...

So, when the next Liberal is arrested for their part in Adscam,
as long as Gloria Galloway is there before the Cons film crew, it is believable that the Cons weren't tipped off...ok, works for me.

note* too stupid to show up with a camera when yah know it's going to be on the news anyways.
Now the Libs 'being tipped off' is part of the story...dumb, looks bad

James Curran said...

No Liberals have been arrested to date.

Möbius said...

No Liberals have been arrested to date.

Rather Clintonesque response. So, no Liberals were involved whatsoever in sponsorship, the singlemost reason for the decline of the LPC?

James Curran said...

Know any that have been charged? Name one. As opposed to four sitting Con cabinet ministers that are sitting after committing election fraud.

Möbius said...

Great strategy.

I ask about involvement, and you ask about "charges".

I'm not sure now why the LPC lost the last election.