Friday, March 7, 2008

Does Canada Owe Obama an Apology?

There are lots of arguments for the case that we, in fact, do owe Senator Obama an apology for meddling in his plan to abolish NAFTA, thereby causing his crushing loss in Ohio.

While I am in full agreement the PMO and the diplomatic corps should be examined for leaking documents, I'm not sure I agree that we owe the Democratic candidate an apology. After all, it IS Senator Obama making hay over NAFTA by suggesting he would re-examine the trade agreement, and, if necessary, abolish it. And, if his staff are saying the reverse of that to the Canadian government, isn't that talking out of both sides of your mouth and deceiving the American public.

The fact that Obama got caught screwing around with an international trade agreement for political gain is not a Canadian problem per se. The disturbing part of the whole story is the major leak in the PMO. The fact is we need to apologize to the United States of America for being less than diplomatic in the matter. The question as to whether or not we owe Senator Obama an apology is a matter that could be debated for years...especially if he is unsuccessful in his candidacy.

Is Hillary any less guilty of more of the same? Absolutely not. The Canadian government is guilty of one thing. They should have weighed in earlier and more often and asked all the campaigns what their real positions on NAFTA are.

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