Thursday, March 6, 2008

Jack Layton's New Best Friend - LOU DOBBS!!!

Tonight Jack Layton appeared on the Lou Dobbs show. Lou feels Jack is "refreshing" and is glad to hear Canadian politics is a mess like the U.S. Jack tells Lou how NAFTA is destroying the manufacturing sector in Canada and in the U.S. and how we've had to deal with toxic toys from China because of it.

Imagine being a new friend to Lou Dobbs? Wow. This after Stephen Harper said he "liked Jack's question" in the HOC today.


northwestern_lad said...

Now James, to be fair, I was home sick today and was watching debates from the House on CPAC, and no fewer than 6 Liberal MP were thanked by Conservative MP's for helping them pass their budget. That can't sit any better with you.

pegcitynetworks said...

Jack was damn impressive on CNN!

Here's an excerpt from Liberal CTV:

Layton, whose questioning on the matter in the House of Commons have been posted on Obama's campaign website, appeared Thursday night on CNN's Lou Dobbs to discuss the NAFTA deal. He described it as a pro-business deal that is bad for the middle class.

He said Canada exports logs to China, where it is milled and then turned into products that are often shipped back to Canadians -- and some of the products don't meet safety standards. He made his call for "fair and sustainable trade."

"What a wonderful expression, 'fair and sustainable trade,'" Dobbs told Layton.

James Curran said...


Liberal CTV?

Maybe Lou can give Jack some tips on border security and immigration policy. That Lou is a crackerjack on those issues.

Let's build a fence while we're at it.

janfromthebruce said...

ah James, it's just a little prime time on US TV, where a Canadian gets to actually "stand up for Canada" so it should make you proud.
Taking on Harper govt and all, isn't that what you wanted the NDP to do, focus on the Harper Cons and expose them for what they are?

James Curran said...

He was busting the Cons? Sure sounded like he was busting NAFTA.

janfromthebruce said...

Well, that too. :)

But of course, I do remember a long time ago, another campaign when the libs (gasp) campaigned on the left and were all against NAFTA. Hmm, the famous liberal redbook, and that they weren't sign on the dotted line, and they would renegotiate NAFTA.

Alas, winning with huge majority on a very left leaning "jobs, jobs, jobs", they very quickly and quietly SIGNED ON THE DOTTED LINE, with not a WORD changed.

Yes, I remember a time....

James Curran said...

I long for those glory days. LOL.

Yes, and oh, we didn't run David Orchard because he was toooooo anti-NAFTA.

Can't wait to read about Jack's trip to Texas to see how that fence is built. :-)

janfromthebruce said...

I don't. That was when I was a lib, and actually worked in the campaign office of Paul Steckle (new to the lib fold) and thought it was all true, that lib redbook - LOL.

anyways, Jack is on front of the G & M - online edition:

Thought you'd like that!

James Curran said...

Is he anywhere near a fence?