Saturday, March 8, 2008

Conservatives Guilty of Doublespeak on NAFTA

No big surprise here I guess. David Emerson continues to embarrass Canada, the political system and himself.

Sidebar - Thank goodness the Liberal Party is not in the middle of an election campaign with all of these CONservative scandals!!

Secretly the Conservatives want to re-open NAFTA? Too bad we Liberals aren't running a NAFTA expert in Saskatchewan such as David Orchard. He might actually be able to advise the leader in a constructive manner.


R said...


Do you really think David Orchard's trade positions are or should be those of the Liberal Party of Canada? It's the day I quit the party if so...

James Curran said...

Um. In 1993 it was us Liberals that won a majority based in part by our campaign against NAFTA. NAFTA was designed to allow US takovers of great Canadian companies, especially in the energy sector. And, my friend, that is exactly what has happened.

janfromthebruce said...

Thanks James for accurately reflecting why libs won a majority based in part by their campaign against NAFTA.
It was why I campaigned and ran an campaign office for them. So after the election, when the dust was settling and I was elited - well it went up in smoke - one promise after another - the ones that I told potential supporters and voters on, each day of the campaign.
If I wanted neoliberalism shoved down my throat, I would have campaigned for the Tory's. Hence, I went looking for a party that mostly fit my very progressive leanings. Never turned back.

P.S. I hate lying and leading people on!