Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Liberals Turtle Again...And I Have No Clue

And, the What Do I Know Grit is beside himself. I have no idea what happened to the close to 5,000 Liberal members that attended something we called "a leadership convention" in Montreal, December 2006.

I have no idea what became of the Red Ribbon Task Force. I have no idea what became of the Council of Presidents. I have no idea what became of the Dion Leadership Team and why they have become insignificant peons to the leader and banished to the wilderness - as if to say "you're guilty of some crime". I have no idea why the leader has allowed himself to be dictated to by the same old, same old that we announced to the world we were done with back in Montreal.

I have no clue as to who is really running this party. I have no suggestion as to who is making suggestions to the leader. Most of all, I have no idea why the leader, his brain trust and his MPs have chosen not to have an election to eliminate the most ridiculous excuse for a government since the last term of the Mulroney days.

As I sit here and listen to Peter MacKay, Bev Oda and the saddest excuse for a minister that resembles Maxime Bernier, hold a press conference about Afghanistan and tell us how great the progress is in that country, I can't help but continue to shake my head.

Whatever the game is up in the Liberal caucus room, the troops here on the ground are baffled and mystified. And, as the MSM states, this party, this leader and this country are in peril.

Isn't there something about a biennial convention this year??


MississaugaJoan said...

It's time to get McGuinty.

He won 71 seats (including Niagara Falls) without a sweat. Complaints about forgotten promises are old news and have shown not to stick.

It's time to get a proven Liberal leader to lead the Liberals.

No more second guessing.

Or hoping someone is capable of learning on the job.

It's time to get McGuinty.

James Curran said...

Yes. David McGuinty is an excellent choice. He was thinking of running last time and is another champion of the environment.

But just to make sure, I became the Provincial Riding Association President last night.

Justin Socie said...

If this bribery story blows up, I wonder if the Libs will change their mind on wanting an election. What do you think?

James Curran said...

I wish. Too Late! The Senate even passed the Crime Bill today. Just plain cowardice. Then again, Senator Smith IS calling the shots.