Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dion's Double-Edged Budget Vote

Now that most of Stephane's leadership team have been banished to the wilderness, my thoughts are focused today on whether or not Mr. Dion sticks to his own instincts and pulls the plug on this rancid Conservative Government.

My guess is that his current advisers - or as CTV refers to them, the Rae Team - is imploring him not to. How a strong position for Liberals on Afghanistan, the economy, the environment and the poor has faded so quickly in 2 weeks is beyond me.

Extending the Afghan mission is one thing. Not having an exit strategy is quite another. Add that to Harper's finance team adding every little past Liberal non-perk into the budget today -like a billion to infrastructure-, and, voila, no election.

So the leaderless ground troops get to hurry up and wait yet again. And the leader gets to be called every derogatory synonym for "wimp" that there is for a further year-and-a-half.

The Dion I voted for at leadership was a man of conviction. True to his thoughts. If that man shows up this week and opposes the Harperites, I would be more than happy to go to battle by his side. That's the man I came to admire. That's the man I chose to end Mr. Harper's unruly rule. That's the next Prime Minister of Canada!!!

To Arms! TO ARMS!


MississaugaJoan said...

I, too, voted for Dion in Montreal.

I, too, am disappointed how talk of grassroots and renewal have so quickly been forgotten.

I, too, ...

Let's end it at that, since then you may pull a Cherniak and not post the comment.

Tim Webster said...

Don't care just bring the Neno Conservatives Down!!

Tim Webster said...

Enough talk!!

Bring down!!! the Neo Conservatives

Jim said...

You foaming at the mouth lefties with all your faux bluster make me laugh.

Yes please, lets have a election! Then once the Libs are pared down to about 20 seats, none of us will have to look at that feckless French citoyen anymore. He is an embarrassment to not only your party but to all of Canada.

But hey, you elected him...thanks!

James Curran said...

Yes! Let's have an election.