Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Deborah Coyne Steps Aside

That's too bad. I would love to see her in Ottawa.

Of course, Rob Oliphant is a solid Liberal. And, the party owes him for stepping aside for The Bob Rae.

Here's Deb's note:

Dear friends,

Since entering the race for the Liberal nomination in Don Valley West, I have visited hundreds of people in all areas of this great riding. Don Valley West reflects so much of what makes Canada great. Our growing diversity, our huge pool of human talent from all over the globe: surely these are our greatest strengths as a nation and they are best defended by a Liberal MP.

It is crucial that Don Valley West return a Liberal to Ottawa in the next federal election.

With this in mind, I have decided that my campaign has run its course. I have withdrawn my candidacy and have decided that Rob Oliphant is the right person to win the next election, serve the diverse communities of Don Valley West, and build on the work of John Godfrey as a distinguished Member of Parliament.

Thank you for you support,

Deborah Coyne


ethomson said...

People seem to forget that the party owes Ms. Bulte too. She did step aside for Gerard Kennedy after holding that riding for almost 9 years.

How silly of me, the Liberal Party is still more of an All-Boys Club than it ever has been.

James Curran said...

#1. See my previous post.

#2. You're out of your mind if you think that Sam Bulte, a Dion supporter during leadership, will get an appointmtne over Rob Oliphant, a Michael Ignatieff supporter. (see my previous post)

It's same old, same old.

Mushroom said...

The nomination will be held this Sunday.

Everything up for grabs.

James Curran said...

Like 'em both. The Oliphant machine will be verrrry tough to beat.

Bailey said...

Sam Bulte supported Michael Ignatieff during the leadership race.

James Curran said...

Um. Not Really. Shhhhhhhh!

Parila said...

What is all this nonsense of the Party "owing" Bulte, Coyne or Oliphant? The sole question should be who is the best candidate.

I can sort of see a case for Coyne on paper, although she is very bookish and not much of a retail candidate. Remove the Trudeau link, and I am not sure anyone would notice her. Bulte was a pretty undistinguished MP, who like Coyne lost to a Dipper last time. Oliphant is a Party-hack, but I fail to see anything particular in his background that qualifies him to represent that riding.

There is a kind of "decline of the Roman empire" quality to this seeming Oliphant "anointment" and the recent appointment in Etobicoke North. What if the local rubes decide they don't want to go along with these internal Party games or if the Torys get serious about trying to actually compete for votes in Toronto?

Mushroom said...

The word is that the Cons are throwing former city councillor and mayoral candidate Jane Pitfield in Don Valley West. So the Grit candidate is one who needs cross section appeal. Who will it be between Oliphant and Bulte?

James Curran said...

Sam is a proven Parliamentarian. She was a Parliamentary Secretary and sat on many committees in the house. Therefore, Dr. Oliphant will win.

Jane blew the City race and she'll get crushed here as well.

Parila said...

Mushroom, what "cross-section apeal" does either Bulte or Oliphant offer? In both cases, it looks to me like the Party is taking its immigrant base in the riding for granted.

Furthermore, I don't think either Bulte or Oliphant will hold the largely conservative voters who Godfrey won over in 1993 pretty much as a "Blue Liberal" patrician and former editor of the Financial Post.

Mushroom said...

Rob Oliphant has won the nomination at Don Valley West and will be the candidate in the next election.

Let's work hard to keep Don Valley West red.

James Curran said...

What a surprise.