Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Here a Budget, There a Budget, Everywhere a Budget

There's no end to the recklessness of this government. None whatsoever. Mon Dieu. What it won't do to try to get an election.

How many budgets can a person have in 12 months? My guess? 3.

Creative tax cutting 101. On your first annual budget, increase the Liberal personal income tax rate from 15% to 15.5%. Then, in your fiscal update, make it sound like another budget in the same year as the first budget. Then, announce a personal income tax cut in your fiscal update to 15% from 15.5%...the same as it was in 2005 under the previous government and call it genius.

As for the GST cut? Well, I'm quite certain the thousands of economists around the country are already in disagreement. $5.4 billion a year could have went a long way for municipalities, health care, child care, the environment, etc. Oh well. I'm sure the CONS have some kind of smoke screen for those issues.

The corporate big brothers and the upper class continue to open the gap on poverty in the country.

I for one will be reaping the benefits of my extra $18 per month to support my Starbucks addiction.

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Tootrusting said...

If 3 budget give aways a year is the maximum they can get away the question becomes, what will they give away the next time they slip in the polls?