Monday, October 29, 2007

Harper Meets Dalai Lama Because Poll Said He Should

Jason Kenney and Mike Duffy were beyond embarrassing today on Duffy Live.

Here's the video which is just over 6 minutes long.

The clip starts off with an interview by CTV's Roger Smith with the Dalai Lama. The reporter asks his holiness about Afghanistan. Kenney can be heard trying to interfere with the question. His holiness responds "Non-violence is the best way to solve problem. Using violence to counter violence sometimes it create more complicated."

Duffy then says. "Jason, he seems to be saying that sometimes violence is necessary when you are speaking for freedom if I understand him correctly."

WHAT?!?!? WTF!!! Was Duffy watching a different video clip?

Jason later says Harpercrite did the right thing meeting the Dalai Lama because "there was a poll indicating over 80% of Canadians think the Prime Minister should meet with him"

"HIM" being the holiest of Holy. Yes, "HIM" Jason.

Embarrassing. Just embarrassing.


Red Tory said...

Talk about getting the wrong end of the stick! Duffy's interpretation of the DL's remarks was simply breathtaking. He clearly stated that countering violence with violence creates complications. Duffy turned that on its head to fit the narrative he wanted to spin vis-à-vis the war in Afghanistan and Kenney was happy to play along.

Liberal 4evr said...

Does anyone really pay attention to duffy outside the right wing minority??? Maybe someone should of warned this lama guy about the politics of this country at the moment and guided him towards a more reasonable and experienced independent station. The shame here is lama been used for political purposes...but then thats my opinion.