Thursday, October 11, 2007

Green Beats NDP

As I suggested the other day, Melanie Mullen placed third here in Niagara Falls. She edged out the NDP candidate Mike Piche by a 700 or so margin. Not quite the walloping Liberal incumbent Kim Craitor handed to the PC candidate Bart Maves. Kim won by a whopping, staggering 7,000 votes. Impressive, to say the least.

In other tidbits, Nerene Virgin lost a close battle in Stoney Creek last night that was, at best, nerve shattering. The "official results didn't come in until almost 1 AM.

It would have been great to have Nerene and fellow female Liberal candidate Faelyne Templer see a spot at the Park. Faelyne was in tough against PC incumbent Jerry Ouellette and union mogul Syd Ryan. Her consolation is that NDP candidate Ryan lost again. Poor Syd just can't get elected.

All in all, it was soooooo nice to watch the Crimson Tide roll in!!! Congrats to all of my buds that worked their butts off for their candidates yesterday. Job well done!!

Big shout out to my bud Warren Kinsella! Big victory buddy! HUGE!

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