Tuesday, October 16, 2007

What the Hell is Jack Talking About?

Geez Jack. What an absolute whiner you've become. What could the NDP possibly have to gain from an immediate election? They stand to lose 10 seats (the amount they "borrowed" from the Liberals last election). Mulcair would be one of them with a higher than 35% voter turnout in Outremont and a different Liberal candidate. Olivia Chow just might be one of them as well.

With the help of Jack, the Conswervatives managed to topple a Martin government thereby killing everything Jack thinks he stands up for. Kelowna, Kids, Kyoto. Now he's shouting at the Liberals to bring down the CONS. It's all their fault. Newsflash Jackie boy...It was you!!! Remember?!? The Canadian voter will Jack.

Why isn't Jack attacking the real culprits? As part of the opposition, shouldn't he be attacking Stephen Harper and the Conservatives? Didn't Harper just say the Clean Air Act and Kyoto are gone? Things the Liberals stood for. Jack, my suggestion is watch your own left. Ms. May's coming to get you, and it's sooner than you think.

Anyway, I'd like Stephane to call him on his bluff and call in his borrowed votes from the last election...but cooler heads will prevail...for a little while anyway.


Keith Torrie said...

This guy shows how made he doesn't ever want to be Prime Minister.

As long as the NDP can say they have the high ground, win that moral victory, who cares if they ever get something done for the good of all Canadians.

In many ways Jack is worse than Harper.

Blogging Horse said...

JC wrote: "As part of the opposition, shouldn't he be attacking Stephen Harper and the Conservatives?"

Um, he is. Layton has been clear: the NDP will oppose Harper's agenda. Why isn't DION??? Instead Dion et al are looking for every possible option to prop up the Conservatives. If Liberals actually knew what they stood for opposing Stephen Harper's agenda would be a no-brainer.

PS: Liberals lost in 2006 because they squandered 3 majority governments NOT keeping their promises on the environment, child care and Aboriginal people. As Tom Axworthy said, Paul Martin was overseeing a "death bed repentance". At least one Liberal is being honest.

James Curran said...

Just like the NDP opposed the Liberal vision Blogging Whorse? So he didn't like a government that wanted to enact Kyoto, The National Childcare Program and Kelowna? Yes the alternative has been much better.

This is why the NDP is nothing more than a 4th rank...soon to be 5th rank...party. They are simply there to oppose everyone and have zero vision for a country. Poor Ed Broadbent he must be shaking his head.