Monday, October 8, 2007

Greens set to overtake the NDP

...that seems to be the tone of this upcoming provincial election here in the riding of Niagara Falls.

The Green candidate Melanie Mullen seems to be a wildly popular, well spoken, focused candidate. The NDP candidate, Mike Piche, seems to be a fish out of water in this campaign. Mike isn't from these parts and Melanie appears to be tapping into some of the NDP environmental base.

Although the NDP may still maintain their base with the union vote, Melanie appears to have taken that long awaited step the Greens have been looking for - overcoming the NDP as the third option.

Kim Craitor, the Liberal candidate, is certain to win the riding in his re-election bid. The PC candidate, Bart Maves, will place second, dashing his hope for a return to Queen's Park.

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