Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Adultery = Death Penalty

I hate to keep Harpering on this but...

Get the hell out of Afghanistan!!!

Now we have Karzai back to executing people for crimes. First he negotiates with the Taliban to get them back into the fold. Now we have him executing people just like the Taliban.

Armed Robbery = Death
Adultery = Death
Murder = Death
Kidnapping = Death
Rape = Death

Now, I know there are a lot of Conservatives out there that voted for the reinstatement of the death penalty (the Justice Minister was one) but this is ridiculous. We were in Afghanistan to end this kind of extremist element and we pledged $30 MILLION Canadian dollars to rebuild the Afghan justice system.


MilitantLiberal said...

Ya the average Afghan is a secular liberal who just wants his daughter to go to school but those big bad Taliban just keep ruining everyones fun. Human rights have alot more enemies in Afghanistan then the Taliban.Im with you man, get the hell out and let these people work out their own affairs.

Liberal 4evr said...

well I agree with, especialy if chidren and women are involved: murder= death, kidnaping= death(if murder is involved), rape= death, but not armed robery and adultery. I have always said to get the hell out of there, but not for these specific reasons, we can't look at the world through western eyes when it comes to their social behavior, thats the mistake that makes this a clash of civilisations,we have to see this in a eastern fashion, to go to their history and see what the are capable of, if left alone, lots of the past empires gave us advancment in many fields, and their system was not that bad, only when the west got involved, especially england, and their imposition of borders, caused the present troubles. The real reason we should get out is these puppet regime who will do anything to please those who do their people wrong, like putting drug dealers and war criminals in places of power instead of taking the lead and showing the people that they can do good by their own and provide the world with an example of what they can do, with the right thinking, and cooperation. But to do it, with honor of their own ways, we canot be all westernized, it will never work and offers an insentive for organizations like taliban hezbula and so on to exist, and lets not fool ourselves these organizations exists because of our imposition of our ways on them.

James Bowie said...

At least in that country sexual assaults are more severely punished than car theft.