Wednesday, July 4, 2007

We Need $30 Million in OUR System

As I said yesterday, Canada needs $30 million in our own Justice System...never mind Afghanistan. Having to pay $2000 to each of nine potential gang members for delays is an abuse to the taxpayers of Ontario. The Crown should be ashamed.

You'll see a lot more of this bullshit happening in days to come. Trust me.


Peter Loewen said...


Do you think Canada should give anything to Afghanistan? And if we should not help them by exporting our knowledge of civil society and judicial systems, what exactly should we export?

This argument seems very knee-jerk, and not very in keeping with the Liberal tradition of Canada aiding in the development of civil society abroad.

James Curran said...

We just aided with 6 more lives.

Peter Loewen said...

So, your position is no aid money, just military expenditures (in the form of money and lives)?

James Curran said...

NO. I say we get the hell out of there completely. You see, this in NOT a war. A war is when you see an enemy and an enemy sees you and you have a battlefield and all that kind of stuff. What we're doing there is imposing someone elses will on somebody.


Karzai is a puppet. He has no real leadership in his own country. The justice system there has no way of being fixed. It's another $30 million dollar cash grab.

In the end, Karzai will relax in the comfort of his Beverly Hills home or West Palm or Crete.

80000 Russian troops never beat the Taliban. Our 2500 hundred minus 66 won't either.

WE have real genocide hapening in the whole entire continent of Africa. Wanna onate money to a cause we can win? Spend 30 mill there.

Peter Loewen said...

Jim, I am not saying this applies to you, because I can't be sure, but I always think the trotting out of Darfur is such a convenient argument. I think if we ever sent troops there 99% of people saying we should be there would then complain and say we should be somewhere else. In short, if you'll betray your internationalism in Afghanistan you'll betray it in an even poorer corner of the world.

Let's not forget that whatever you think of Karzai he was elected and he's an ally. He's asked for our help to take on an insurrection by the most backwards of groups in our world. If you don't think it's worth helping then I fail to believe you'd have the will to stick it out in Darfur either.

James Curran said...

We were helping out in the beginning, but now our mission has changed. We have made our country the target of extremists with our new aggressor role.

You cannot even compare this with Darfur. In Afghanistan we were there to fight terrorist extremists under pressure of the US to get involved.

2.5 million people are about to die in Africa and we haven't sent a soul to assist. We obviously haven't learned anything from the past genocides in our world.

Okay, you win. Let's overhaul the Afghan justice system. That will win over the hearts and minds of all afghanis. Just out of curiousity, how long do you figure that'll take?

Peter Loewen said...


It'll take a long time, and the $30 million we contributed will make a small difference at best. But at least we should try.

You don't actually think that we'd be any less of a target for terrorism in Canada if we left now, do you? I don't. I submit that the extremists who encourage and commit terrorism are not sufficiently rational to make such conditions. And, quite beside that point, I am not keen to give in to them in a way that says that as long as they threaten us we will cower from doing good work.

James Curran said...

My friend, we are fighting an unwinnable fight.

My children, and their children and their children will not live to see the Taliban defeated. You cannot defeat a state of mind.