Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Welcome to the Paul Martin Years - Kinsella's Right

As I've said before, Warren Kinsella has no reason to lie. So, when he writes Bob Rae walked into a room and said "I'm running for leader", he is writing the truth.

Mr. Rae will be largely led to the convention by none other than the scorched earth Team Martin from 2003 - 2004 aided by the scorched earth, vote for us or your career is over, Iggy Nation. To hell with the Liberal Constitution. To hell with a solemn promise Rae WOULDN'T run for leader. To hell with any rules whatsoever.

 Let the Shenanigans begin. Good luck Team Liberal Renewal in defeating these power hungry placeholder parasites.


Maaira said...

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Anonymous said...

I worry for the Party. It seems highly unlikely that we will win the next federal election. If Rae is the leader going into 2015, what do we do after that? Do we yet again turf the leader after one defeat? Or do we have a 70+ year old man as leader going into 2019/20? We need a leader of the future, and we need to stick with him/her through at least two elections.

Anonymous said...

You mean all those Chretien-Dion people behind Rae are really Martin people in disguise?!?

John Rae
Isabel Metcalfe
Sheila Gervais
Jonathan Goldbloom
Jennifer Crane

And how about all those Martin people behind Dominic Leblanc:

Tim Murphy
Mike Crawley
Mark Resnick

Maybe you just dont know what you are talking about.

James Curran said...

You're a retard. Its obvious.

Rae would be behind Rae? What a revelation!

Crane? Supported Ken Dryden. Goldblum? Really?
Metcalfe? Really?

Listen dumb fuck. Don't play me for some birn yesterday retard like yourself.

Littler, Bird and the rest of the Martinite turds are running the show.

Now just go fuck yourself ok. Thanks for. Stopping by.