Monday, March 19, 2012

Conservatives Reveal Bob Rae's Plan Expect more of  this over the next year. Lots more.


Anonymous said...

Libs should take comfort from this, as it appears that the Cons still consider them to be the primary opposition. I would only be worried if they chose to attack the NDP exclusively, and ignored us altogether.

ck said...

Gee, a comfortable majority--no danger of becoming a minority any time soon; an election has passed not even a year ago; Another election is not for at least 3 years; Liberals in 3rd place--the party many pundits have written off for dead or on life support.

Yet the conservatives choose to waste time and energy and money now on these ads??

To me that says more about the Conservative war room than about Bob Rae.

I also can't help but wonder about the timing--now of all times, while pundits and media are still covering Roboscam stories and there is an investigation (such as it is) happening. A shiny thing to distract the masses.

Anonymous said...

"Libs should take comfort..." and also hit back, and hard, no holds barred. Get personal, get dirty. In the kindergarten mentality of most Canadians the hapless, defenceless victim of the bully is far more despised than the bully himself, who more often than not is ADMIRED!