Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Jack Layton Smarter Than the Entire Liberal Party...Even in Death

Yesterday I was watching the NDP's Brian Topp on CBC's Newsworld with Heather Hiscox as he tried his best not to say he was running to be Jack's successor.

What I found most profound in the entire interview is that Topp stated that - beyond a shadow of a doubt - Jack, on his death bed, thought it was most imperative to expedite the NDP leadership selection. So, come Friday, we'll all probably know when that leadership will occur and all of the rules that go with it.

Liberals? Liberals just don't get it after the death of their party in May. Instead,we Liberals felt it necessary to circumvent our own constitution to put off a leadership selection for what might just be an eternity.

You were a smart one Mr. Layton. We have no such leadership in Liberaland.


Anonymous said...

Well, Chretien got kicked out by Martin. Then Martin got stunned by voters kicking him out for something he didn't do and some lies from the RCMP Commissioner that the new Con government protected afterward. Since then every time it looks like there's a Liberal leader on the horizon, millions of dollars of dirty attack ads pop up to destroy him (or her).

James Curran said...

I'm sure there's a point in there somewhere. Goodale was under investigation. Martin decided to call his own investigation on his own party in an attempt to screw Chretien even more.

Which comes back to my point I think.

Patricia Morfee said...

I am a Liberal voter for over 46 years and did love Mr Chretien as our Leader. Not big fan of Martin but have supported Liberal always as they speak to my values the most. Also don't understand the adulation of Mr. Layton by many Libs. I am sorry he died and sympathize with his family. After saying that, he and NDP did cause a lot of grief to the Liberals over the years and basically can't stand us Liberals.

R. G. Harvie said...

The problem, perhaps, is a leadership and "idea" void.

The obsession with the cult of personality has overshadowed the need for mainstream policy.. I think the Liberal party with a workmanlike leader could resurrect with sound fiscal policy that ridiculed the Conservatives for spending boatloads of money on criminal efforts that have been demonstrated not to work even as they continue to de-construct the gun registry for the same reason.

The theme of a fiscally responsible party (which they have the record for), who will not waste tax payer dollars on ideological tilting at windmills might appeal to taxpayers who are weary of government waste.

Anonymous said...

We need to pick a new leader quickly and then stick with him or her for a while. No more of this dumping after each election bullsh_t. Look at Layton's popularity. It wasn't always this way. Canadians warmed to him after years of his leadership. The same has happened to Harper. Yet, we Liberals keep dumping our leaders before they ever get a chance to mature. Hell, the ROC might have even learned to love Dion, had we given him a chance.

James Curran said...

As history now shows. Dion was in it for the long run. Still is. Ignatieff? Not so much.

Anonymous said...

They sometimes says "it's funny because it's true"; in the case of Ignatieff, you wonder if the attack ads worked because people knew they were true.

Craig Chamberlain said...

Speaking of the cult of personality -- if Jack Layton will be to the NDP that Trudeau is to Liberals, perhaps the NDP will in the end make the same mistakes in trying to find "the one" to lead them. Finding the Laytons and the Trudeaus to lead a party seems to be about how Canadians respond to a person, so whether or not someone is a Layton or a Trudeau is really up to Canadians and not so about the person themselves.

There are no doubt many fantastic PMs out there that would never capture the public's imagination and energy in the same way as a Layton or a Trudeau, and trying to find "the one" seems to be a huge distraction.

It amounts to chasing a myth about a myth.