Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Where is LPC(O) President Howard Stevenson??? Anybody?

Liberal Party President Alfred Apps continues to hammer away at "I have the support of caucus, the National Executive, The PTAs and just about every Liberal in the country but 10". In his mass email yesterday, Alf states: These resolutions were adopted following extensive consultation with the Caucus leadership, riding Presidents, defeated candidates, Commission executives and other Liberals.

I am having trouble believing Alf because we have a PTA president here in Ontario that I have yet to receive a single email from during this whole sham of a process to undermine the Liberal Party Constitution. In fact, after attending close to a dozen meetings with "other Liberals", I can confirm that not one person I have spoken with - including as many as 22 Ontario riding Presidents - have heard from the provincial president. Not one.

Here in Ontario we have over 100 riding associations. I would think the provincial president would have expedited some sort of conference call amongst his riding presidents to determine what the mood was among Ontario Liberal members. Perhaps that's just forward thinking and wishful whisperings.

Never mind. Carry on.

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William Stephenson said...

I knew Howard quite wll when I was with CARP & he was a decent person. Perhaps he is sick?

Grits seem to be in a real mess though.

Bill (William)