Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Morning Nanos

The national ballot continues to remain stable with the Conservatives enjoying a comfortable lead over the Liberals.

Compared to a week ago, the Conservative numbers in Quebec continue to cycle down. BQ support in Quebec remains at 36.2%, followed by the NDP at 23.0%, the Liberals at 21.0% and the Tories at 15.4%.

In British Columbia, where the Conservatives enjoyed a comfortable advantage for most of the campaign, it is now a statistical tie with the Conservatives at 36.4%, followed by the Liberals at 34.1%, the NDP at 23.8% and the Green Party at 4.9%.

Battleground Ontario features a nine point advantage for the Conservatives where they stand at 46.0%, followed by the Liberals at 36.9%, the NDP at 12.5% and the Greens at 4.6%.

Party policy continues to enjoy a comfortable lead as the number one vote driver at 53.2% followed by party leader at 22.4%.

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