Monday, April 18, 2011

Election stalls report into ex-integrity watchdog

No wonder Harper wanted an election. How many more reports will we never see?

Among the complaints against Ouimet is that during her three-year tenure as integrity commissioner, she found no cases of wrongdoing in the 228 complaints to her office.

Mario Dion, the interim integrity commissioner, hired Deloitte to conduct a study of all of the complaints filed with the commission, which is responsible for protecting civil servants who are attempting to disclose government wrongdoing.

Dion's office said the review was supposed to be finished on March 31, but he "will not release any information relating to the content of the report until after the election campaign."

'They are influencing the discussion by keeping the report secret, that influences the discussion. You can't have the discussion with the full information if you don't have the full report.'
— Duff Conacher, Democracy Watch

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they're sure stacking up, eh?

Two reports on the Afghan detainees being turned over to get tortured issue.

One AG one on the $40-M+ of G8 pork-barrelling in Tony's riding being disguised as part of a "Border Infrastructure Fund"

Another AG one on the way on the stimulus program not creating nearly as many jobs as the CPC pretends.

This one on their turning their backs on whistleblowers.

We'll see (some of) them, but only after the election.

Which explains why he wants / needs a majority, since there's likely to be a bunch more Contempt of Parliaments & non-confidence motions engendered by all that.