Sunday, April 24, 2011

Liberal Senator Smith Gives Iggy the Kiss of Death

Next to Alf Apps, Senator Smith is the king of stupid things said on the campaign trail.

Senator Smith still likes to dream of believing he was the mastermind behind Chretien winning 96 out of 97 seats in Ontario back in 1993. He wasn't. But that's an argument for another day.

Last election Smith went on CTV with Craig Oliver the last weekend before the vote and Craig asked what Stephane Dion's chances were. Smith's answer? "When you wish upon a star". Today, when asked by Craig what Michael Ignatieff's chances are, Smith, in his infinite wisdom, chimed "Hope springs eternal". Wow. What a ringing endorsement for his hand chosen leader.

While I'm on a roll here - the new Liberal ad against the NDP sucks. And who decided to send MI to that hockey game in Mississauga? WTF! Talk about a party that looks like they're panicking. Get a grip people! Suck it up and stick to the original message.


John Prince said...

All politicians get booed at hockey games, what was he thinking alright? What were his handlers thinking? After all, this past week Sarah Palin got booed at one of the NHL playoff games. It goes with the public distain for politicians and therefore MI should have never put himself in that position. DUMB! DUMB! DUMB!

Hope his 1/2 hour TV special today can undo the damage that has been done but you can believe the CONservatives will be exploiting this for all it is worth.

It's a Bloody Shame!

ck said...

Somehow I think Harper Mr. "Hockeyfan and Piano man" or Jack showed up at that hockey rink, they'd have been welcomed with open arms.

Saw the half hour show. It was just clips from various town halls and ads. Not even live. Camera quality was piss poor. Looked like they were moving in slow mo.

Somewhere, Harper and his flunkies are celebrating, at a piano bar somewhere.

Iggy will be on "Tout Le Monde En Parle" tonight, a show that generally yields about 1 - 2 million viewers. Have no idea what could happen there.

A Eliz. said...

CK what TV station and time is it on ?

Anonymous said...

Uhhhh . . .

Which "message". . .?

Fighter Jets, tax cuts, etc . . .

Red door / blue door . . .?

Rise up . . .?

I haven't heard a consistent Liberal message since 2000.