Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About this whole "Rocco Rossi Raised Billions for the Liberal Party" Meme

A Conservative Buddy of mine, Searching for Liberty's Rob Harvie, makes a statement in the comment section of my latest Blogpost:

And one notes that while his tenure as director of the federal Liberal Party of Canada was brief, during his time, the party tripled its membership and restored party finances in less than a year.

Well Rob, let me tell how easy it would have been for a one eyed, three legged cat to improve the Liberal Party Fortunes during Rocco's tenure.

Rossi did little to improve Liberal finances. The party did it on its own.

There was a new leader that was foisted on the party. They used the 5000 person Iggy database to say "hey, your guy's in now. Donate!" And, they did donate.

Then, you had scores of nominations across the country driving both membership and party finances up. Simultaneously, the central party decided they were entitled to 33% of all the money raised by membership signups. Money that used to stay in the riding itself (which are all mostly broke now).

Oh. And did I mention the National Convention in 2009 that raised a shit load of money in the 1st and 2nd quarters from the Laurier memberships and registration fees to attend the coronation?

As for membership? In addition to nomination races, the short-lived "leadership race" in '08 resulted in inflated membership numbers that didn't expire until December 31, 2009 since they were purchased after October 1, 2008.

And voila, there's the Rossi "miracle". So, please!

Don't believe me Rob? Okay. All you Liberals that gave money to the party in 2009 because Rocco Rossi was in charge raise your hands. C'mon don't be afraid. Raise your hands.... cue the crickets.


Mark Francis said...

Well, Rossi has that meme out there. Makes him a good liar. So I guess he has some qualifications for the Legislature.

Your central party has been raiding ridings? Tell me it's not true! That sucks. That's a real morale sucker.

Anonymous said...

Most of the associations are broke because Iggy is the leader...unimpressive, no vision and can't sell himself to save more mo less.

James Curran said...

Wrong. They're broke because membership doesn't matter to the Liberal Party of Canada. It's not a "priority". Certainly not here in Ontario anyway.