Wednesday, February 2, 2011

About this Rocco Rossi Wannabe Person

Okay. Okay. Stop it already. I've been bombarded with emails and calls over the whole "geezus Jim, you were right about that guy" meme.

I claimed then
, and I maintain now, that Rossi was nothing but a Stalking Horse for Rob Ford's campaign. With the likes of Capobianco in the upper echelons of his campaign for mayor I couldn't help but think that. He was in it to crush Smitherman's Liberal vote. Plain and simple. He was still smarting from losing the John Tory bid for Mayor the time before and always blamed Smitherman for that loss.

I know how Conservatives in Ontario must feel today though because I had the same reaction when Rocco burst onto the Liberal scene back in '09 out of the blue: WTF IS a ROCCO ROSSI and where did he come from.

Whoever is running Mike Colle's riding association can come pick up a cheque from me on Monday afternoon. I'll be in Toronto anyway.

Enough said.


Skinny Dipper said...

Thumbs up to your post.

I think I should run as an independent conservative-type candidate in the next federal election. I know that I wouldn't win. However, I could take away a few votes.

As for Rossi, I had to wonder about his crazy ideas. Here was a Liberal supporter who was campaigning on conservative ideas: no bike lanes on major streets, the Spadina tunnel.

In the provincial riding of Eglinton-Lawrence, Rossi can campaign on his Italian heritage with his son of immigrants schtick and his deep love for Israel (to get the Jewish vote). Rossi now has name recognition which he didn't before his mayoral campaign.

Mark Francis said...

Kinsella de-friended him on FB quite publicly, musing that he'd like to do it twice.

Steve V said...

What a load of utter crap.

James Curran said...

Load of Crap? For THAT you;d have to read Far and Wide.

R. G. Harvie said...

A card-carrying Liberal since he was 11 years old.. that's a long time to be a conservative "stalking horse" James.

And one notes that while his tenure as director of the federal Liberal Party of Canada was brief, during his time, the party tripled its membership and restored party finances in less than a year.

So, while he has, perhaps shown the good sense not to be a complete ideologue to any specific party, I'm not sure I would dismiss him so easily :)