Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Could Political Arizona Shooting Happen Here in Canada?

Remember this ad by Stephen Harper's Conservatives?

Not far off from the suggestive Palin poster is it?


Anonymous said...

It sure could...


It is too easy to cherry pick.

James Curran said...

Oh please. Like the two are even comparable.

Anonymous said...


James; Do you know anything about mental illness?

How do you explain the death of Lennon? Who is to blame?

What about Reagan? Kennedy?

You seem to have come up with the answer for the Gifford shooting so please enlighten us.

Cherry picking stupid links is not proof.

Movies,TV shows, video games, magazines etc. have been cited in the past as excuses for nut jobs murdering people now it is political opponents. Brilliant!!

James Curran said...

Listen, if you want to debate stupididty with me you'll have to either get your own blog or come back when you decide to not be a coward behind your anonymous rhetoric and Conservative talking points. Until then, piss off!

James Curran said...

Oh. And I have forgotten more about mental illness than you will ever know.

R. G. Harvie said...

James.. I think the level of debate, fueled by a media which profits from any increase in emotional fervor, has deteriorated greatly.

Which is sad.

But I don't think political ads have anything to do with this tragedy..I think it starts with the fact that Loughner was clearly mentally disturbed, and then beyond that, is a young caucasian,who has apparently been unable to make his way in a State where the media and guys like the Sheriff of Pima County suggest that any effort at controlling illegal immigration makes you a racist.

Recently I've been reading about political terrorism, and the common thread appears to be a perceived lack of voice. That arises from polarized or "all or nothing" politics.

Improving the quality of debate generally and encouraging effective exchange of ideas I think would go a long way to reducing the chances of this sort of violence- though the current effort of Brady in the U.S.to curtail free speech is the Democrat corrolary to Bush's Homeland Security efforts. Telling people they can't say how they feel will only increase the problem.

CanadianSense said...

It would have been great if you included examples of Liberals behaving badly but than it would mean you are being serious about the political rhetoric.

Instead you have excluded the many examples against of assassination artwork from the Liberal or the left to make your point.

I agree with R.G. Harvie the media is failing. Our thoughts should be with the families and the real victims.

This should not be about right or left. The trial will provide more details about the background and profile of this person responsible for the Safeway massacre.

It is human nature for strategists to not let this mass murder go to waste. It will be spin for political advantage.

James Curran said...

I have excluded no such thing. And feel free to post them here. What I have posted is ad paid for and researched by political parties or entities. Not something dreamed up by photo shop in some kid's mother's basement. Nor did I digress to include the Conservative punditry and blogosphere that have called for the assassination of Julian Assange such as the Prime Minister's close confidant Tom Flanagan. But since you wanna go down that road, feel free.

CanadianSense said...

I have already stated it is a mistake to score cheap points for the murders at Safeway and you want me to link to examples of the left use violent imagery? No thank you. I have said this person will have his due process. We may discover his "motivation" for his despicable act.

I am not qualified to conclude the investigation and pass judgment with five minutes of the murders: I will leave that to the strategists on the left or right.

crf said...

Why is it a cheap shot to point out that conservatives' penchant for violent rhethoric (which isn't shared with the left, despite the wingnuts wishing it were) has repeatedly led to tragedies? McVeigh, Stack, Loughner.

Own up like a man, right-wingers. This is another one of your precious little babies.

And Steve thinks its just great to shoot Dion. We know. I mean, Dion's a traitor right? In league with the Taliban. "I can understand the passion that the leader of the Opposition and members of his party feel for Taliban prisoners" -- Steve Harper.