Saturday, January 15, 2011

About those Subsidies to Politcal Parties

Does anyone else think it's pretty rich for Conservatives basically to be calling the other parties a bunch of welfare recipients for taking voter subsidies? Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the Conservative Party of Canada receive the largest amount of money from the Canadian taxpayer in subsidies and tax rebates? The hypocrisy is right up there with complaining about abolishing the senate and then appointing 35 Conservative friends to it.

Maybe next year Harper can sing this new Conservative Party theme song at their Christmas.

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Anonymous said...

The silence from is deafening from Conservatives who are usually there on the double to defend their oh so noble party.

I dunno but earning $2 per person you've earned a vote from (no easy task) seems a lot easier to justify to defend than taxpayers paying $550 for each $1000 donation from someone else (that is if we can at least take political interest out of the equation).

But I guess Conservatives are hoping voters don't figure that out. So silence about the tax credits is the best strategy they've got. They want THAT gravy train to keep on rolling.