Sunday, September 19, 2010

Time For Rocco Rossi To Cash in His Chips

For all the hoopla and rah rah that Bernie Morton and My Friend brought to Rossi's campaign a couple of weeks ago, the news today has to be a swift kick in the groin. Not only is Rossi down to 9.7% in the new CTV poll, but he is a full 3points behind Joe Pantalone and a ass scorching 12 points behind George Smitherman.

So, I have to Rossi just in this to sabotage the Smitherman campaign because I'm certain that his team understands that 36% is impossible to overcome in a Mayoral race with 36 days left. And no, 1% per day is not like a dollar a day at Club Fitness.

update: I Love this line

The greatest potential is for Rocco Rossi because - according to the tracking we've done - he's everybody's second choice"--Bernie Morton, Campaign Manager

Last time I checked preferential balloting was not on the menu for Toronto Municipal voting. Bernie, this ain't a nomination you're fighting here.

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Skinny Dipper said...

It would be nice to have an alternative voting system for mayor. However, based on examining the results of my unscientific alternative vote poll, Rob Ford would get some second choice votes from Pantalone and Thomson supporters. I could imagine that if Rossi were to drop out and support Smitherman, a small percentage of Rossi voters would move to Ford.

It is likely that Ford will win the mayoralty race. It is time for voters to focus on electing good councillors.