Monday, September 20, 2010

The Rocco Rossi Nail in the Coffin Ads

I am beyond perplexed. The Rossi campaign is out there telling people that they "are the only team that can stop frontrunner Rob Ford". The same Rob Ford that has made a career over insinuating there is corruption and mass gouging at Toronto City Hall and calls people out on untendered contracts, etc.

So, what do the braniacs over at the Rossi camp come up with? Why they come up with ads depicting Rossi as a Mafioso Soprano wanna be connected guy. The optics suck shit for Rossi. Yeah, maybe the ads are funny at first blink, but for a guy in a free fall to 7% this morning he ain't gonna get any traction with these ads especially in a city worried about gun crime and the likes.

But what do I know?


Skinny Dipper said...

My problem with Rossi is that he seems like a manufactured candidate--like a manufactured boy band from the 1990's. He doesn't seem real. He is the Board of Trade candidate--not the citizens' candidate. I don't have anything against the Board of Trade as its members perform valuable work for the city. Unfortunately, few of Rossi's ideas seem to have come from voters speaking to him. For example, who gave him the idea to build the Spadina tunnel? I didn't hear or read anything about a group of citizens wanting a tunnel.

Do I suggest that Rossi drop out of the race? No, and I don't care. Even if he did drop out, I don't think all of his support would go to George Smitherman. I do hope that those who choose to vote will support a candidate with at least half-a-brain.

James Curran said...

Actually, I think 3/4 of Rossi's support would land in the Ford camp. Sue Ann Levy is already there judging by her article on the weekend. Unfortunately anyone retiring now still remains on the ballot.