Monday, December 7, 2009

Mr. McKay is a LLPOF...Detainees Tortured

The Globe has proof of Afghan torture. McKay sticks by his claims. I call bullshit.



Rob Harvie said...
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Rob Harvie said...

1. Is there evidence McKay knew about it?

2. Who cares?

Seems to me that domestically, with the exception of us bloggers and other political pundits, most Canadians aren't all that concerned.

This isn't Somalia where Canadian soldiers were murdering civilians.. and even then, sadly, Canadians could have cared less. PM Chretien and his Minister of Defence at that time pretty much said so by shutting down the inquiry into that issue saying, basically, "this is old news".

More curious is the article from the Toronto Star suggesting mutiny is afoot int he LPC.. and that Ignatieff is on the way out in favor of Bob Rae.

Curious comment there:

Since Pierre Trudeau, no Liberal leader has left on his own terms. John Turner was shown the door by the Chr├ętienites; Jean Chr├ętien was forced out by Martinites; we know what happened to Dion and now we see Ignatieff is on the same path.

James Curran said...

1. One would assume that the minister would have knowledge of a court action against the Gov. Of Canada.

2. We haven't had a leader that can bang his shoe on the table and control his caucus since Chretien. I know I'd have a couple of suggestions for our leader. But hey, what do I know.