Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Game Changer for Ignatieff

This could have some legs. A policy that might get some people in this country thinking Liberal.

According to sources, the idea will be pitched as a measure that will appeal to the millions of Canadians who do not have a company pension and are leery of registered retirement savings plans.

“This could be a very popular way to invest,” said a Liberal source familiar with the proposal.

Millions? Yep. I like it.



Top Can Inc. said...

At least it's something.

Rob Harvie said...

It is at least something other than just complaining. And it's somewhat novel.

The questions, however, as I see it.

Why would I protect a private pension plan (a la Ontario) when those who invested their own money in private funds (RRSP's) and lost their *ss, not only aren't protected, but as tax payers, are asked to contribute to the bailout that THEY aren't entitled to?

Is the tax-payer going to be asked to under-write the "new" CPP contributions, or will those investments be at the same risk as any other pension investment - in which case, being non-partisan for the moment, what makes us think the federal government has a clue about how to responsibly invest our money?

James Curran said...

They don't. Not this one anyway.