Thursday, November 19, 2009

Liberal MPs Taken out of Mothballs

Well it's about time. Donolo on day one sends out smart, veteran MPs to counter Conservative cronies.

As the post below shows, Irwin Cotler has found a new reason for existance as an MP with these libelous 10 percenters.

And lo and behold, so too does my old friend Joe Volpe.

I look forward to hearing from more of the old vets on the team.



Rob Harvie said...

James.. no offense, but I think the Libs need something new.. not something old, something borrowed, AND something blue.

Maybe I'm wrong.. and as a former Lib, now Con, that's quite possible.. but I think the Libs need to look to the future, not the past.

Chretien was fortunate that the in-fighting from the right left him with virtually no viable opposition.. to now see him and his former crew as saviors is a little misguided. I think.

James Curran said...

No Rob, what we need is mature, rational, non-guttersniping, concerned Parliamentarians. None of which is Joe Preston.All of which is Irwin Cotler.

Top Can Inc. said...

Can I just point out something else too? I think CTV is also at fault for putting on Joe Preston with Irwin Cotler to discuss the issue yesterday on Tom Clark's show.

Cotler is a renowned human rights scholar. Preston is, with all intents and purposes, a pig farmer from St. Thomas. The intellectual gap between these two is such that there is no way to get, what Newstalk 1010 in T.O would call, "stimulating talk".

Apologies to all pig farmers. You deserve better than to be compared to Joe Preston.

Rob Harvie said...

Irwin Cotler.. let me think.. ah yes, he would be the one who let Omar Khadr rot in jail, while he was the Minister of Justice, but then was his savior when he was in the opposition.

Although - I have to say that the innuendo regarding Cotler's participating in Durban was bullshit, to be fair.

But.. it wasn't so long ago that Stock Day was defending his personal beliefs on abortion.. while good Catholic Jean Chretien was allowed to skate through the issue.

Unfortuantely, with so much politics, like with the Senate appointments, like with the cooperation with the Bloc, as I've suggested before, the rules only apply to the "other guy".

Though my point really had less to do with the flyers than it had to do with looking for something new and interesting in the LPC.

James Curran said...

Actually Topper, CTV was stuck because it was Preston's 10 percenters that went out. So he should have been given the right to defend himself.

BTW he owns Wendy's and Boston Pizza franchises and I'm sure that pig farmers everywhere are curling their toes with the thought that this turd would be associated with their good hardworking industry.