Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Big Red Think...Who Gets to Go?

The Liberals' Big Red Thinkers Conference is set to take place in January 2010 in Montreal.

It's rumoured that only 200 Liberals will be "invited" to the event. Also rumoured is that an additional 200 non-liberals will be invited.

A couple or three questions come to mind.

1. Who are these elite 200, and where have they been thinking for the past few years.

2. WHO CHOOSES THE ELITE 200??? This is possibly the most important question.

3. What was the purpose of the Non-Leadership/Policy Convention, the Renewal Committee and the Change Commission and the Red Ribbon Report and, and and and..... if the engagement of the grassroots wasn't enough to THINK about?

4. How much is this thinkers conference? And who pays? Especially since Ontario Liberals have to pay, three weeks later, to attend their waaaaaaay, long overdue AGM in Windsor?

Anyway, that's my thinking about the thinkers. Feel free to think about it and think your thoughts in writing here.



Bill Templeman said...

Hi James: Are you holding out any hope that this putative Thinker's Conference will address the policy vacuum that is spreading like Newfoundland fog from the Leader's office throughout the entire Party?

Just wondering. Or do Liberal thinkers dare make decisions anymore?

Bill Templeman

James Curran said...

Repeat after me Bill - (cause this worked for Obama when he was short on policy)....HOPE. Change. HOPE. Change. HOPE. Change.

Where are these Liberal thinkers you speak of? Which of those lucky bastards will win the lottery to go to this conference?

We're 53 days away from this conference and not a word from anywhere about the chosen ones.

Oemissions said...

I thought all the thinking had been done.What more is there to think about? The only thing I can think of is "leadership".

James Curran said...

Yes, but....this is a reeeeeally serious, deep, deep think.

Brent said...

I've actually been looking forward to this since Michael Ignatieff became the party leader. Now, I can't decide if I should try politely asking for an invitation or if I should cancel my membership to the Victory Fund. I don't pay $15 a month to get information about these events through third-hand sources.

Rob Harvie said...


Unless my party reconsiders the current Bill C-47, perhaps your "thinkers" might "think" about actually OPPOSING a terrible piece of Conservative legislation.

I have a Conservative vote that I'm willing to park with a party opposing this piece of "big brother" effort.

Would be nice for Michael Ignatieff to grow a spine, no?

Bill Templeman said...

James, I fully agree with you that the leadership issue is really big and scary, and we don't want to tear the party apart yet again, sense is that Ignatieff does not possess the people skills required for the job. He is radiantly brilliant fellow and all, but can he drive this bus? Based on current performance, I say no. So how can Liberals raise this leadership issue without being labeled as Tory provocatuers? Will our "Thinkers" be allowed to surface such provocative thoughts at their conference?