Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Susan Delacourt and Irresponsible Non-journalism

Irresponsible? Yes! And, from my favourite journalist in the country at that!!!

I'm not even going to link to her article as that would be giving it some form of credence. The media in this nation has sunk to depths that we have never, ever seen before in this country. No wonder bloggers and the likes are now being named as sources of information for the general public.

We shouldn't be surprised though given the way that Ottawa operates these days with all sense of decorum fallen by the wayside. Where mud - and the slinging thereof - seems to be the order of the day. Where a person's private life and reputation is at stake on a daily basis. But I digress.

Back to the topic at hand. When a nationally published journalist and respected author such as Susan Delacourt begins to write articles based on rumours we, as Canadians, are screwed. We're screwed.

It means that the the days of responsible journalism are over. You know, the days when FACTS meant something. It means that the media has succumbed to the hyperbole of spin. It means there is no time for "original thought" anymore.

And what? Susan couldn't even name the so-called "Conservative government official"? So she writes an article, based on a rumour, and was suggested by an unnamed source? Now that, my friends, is what we call horseshit!



Backseat Blogger said...

i was amused to hear about the floor crossing rumours - particularly with Ms Dhalla at the top of the list.

My first reaction 'no way in hell' would i want her on my team. the liberals can keep her along with other flakes like Heddy Fry and Scott Brison(i bet he regrets crossing the floor in the first place)

I would dearly love to have Cotler cross the floor but that ain't gonna happen.

the rest can stay Liberal as far as i'm concerned.

roblaw said...

True enough, James. But "controversy" sells news.. and even made-up controversy is more entertaining that just printing the facts going on around us.

And, after enduring much of the same (recall the Stockwell Day non-issue regarding his own views on abortion), I'm not quite as sympathetic as I might otherwise be.

But as the saying goes, two wrongs does not make a right.

Jennifer Smith said...

And now Delacourt is getting a little defensive, while pretty much admitting that she has no idea whether her story is true or not. She also sounds like she's not a big fan of Ruby Dhalla.

So, a journalist gets handed a rumour from a single, unnamed, uncorroborated, biased source that may or may not be a total fabrication, and then just pulls a name out of her ass to go with it that sorta sounds plausible based on her own personal opinion of the person in question.

I'm going to remember this one the next time a journalist makes a snide comment about bloggers.