Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Big Congratulations to My Friends Justin Trudeau and Ruby Dhalla Today

Many of you may remember that I implored the Liberal Party to name Mr. Trudeau as the Youth and Multiculural Critic back in the spring. Today that plea has been answered.

The bonus part about all of this is that Michael Ignatieff has found the perfect person to address one of the most infectious problems in our country today: Child Poverty. That person is none other than Dr. Ruby Dhalla. Dr. Dhalla has been at the forefront of the youth movement for years and knows all too well how child poverty affects our communities in more ways than one.

Here are the appointments made by Mr. Ignatieff this morning:

• Navdeep Bains – Small Business and Tourism
• Siobhan Coady – Treasury Board
• Bonnie Crombie – Crown Corporations
• Ujjal Dosanjh – National Defense
• Kirsty Duncan – Public Health
• Marlene Jennings – Government Ethics and Democratic Reform
• Derek Lee – National Revenue
• Joyce Murray – Amateur Sport and Vancouver Olympics
• Robert Oliphant – Veterans Affairs
• Justin Trudeau – Youth and Multiculturalism

Marcel Proulx was also named Associate Critic, National Defense.

Mr. Ignatieff also appointed several new special advisors:
• Ruby Dhalla – Child Poverty
• Mario Silva – Latin America
• Bryon Wilfert – Asia Pacific
• Borys Wrzesnewskyj – Emerging Democracies

Yasmin Ratansi was also nominated the new Chair of the Government Operations Committee.



Jennifer Smith said...

But gee, James, isn't Ruby supposed to be joining the Conservatives? :)

Top Can Inc. said...

Good point, Jennifer. And Child Poverty? At a time when Ruby is introducing bills to benefit immigrant seniors? Oh yeah, and with Nannygate only just fading away? Not sure I buy into Iggy's strategy here.

But other than that, I've got no problems with most of the new posts other than Dosanjh. I remember when he was Defense critic during the first year of the Harper government. He did an extremely lousy job.

Jennifer Smith said...

Man, my dry wit just doesn't seem to come through on the internet.

Dosanjh did a helluva job defending the Canadian healthcare system to the Americans recently - why not health critic? Weird.