Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New Poll - Will the Liberals Win a 2009 Election?



Ian said...

Where's the Green/NDP minority/majority options? Or hell, in the realm of possibility, let's say where's the coalition possibilities?

roblaw said...

Your poll appears as accurate and the results (at present) are as probable as anything else in the media.

Which begs the question, "why?"

If responses on a Liberal site (admittedly, not overly friendly towards Mr. Ignatieff at times) suggest a probable Conservative minority.. perhaps an election this fall is not the best idea.

Just sayin'

Gene Rayburn said...

lol Rob sometimes you crack me up. I thought polls didn't matter?

I's got to get me some of that "havin it both ways"

Im just sayin'...

Gene Rayburn said...

"Where's the Green/NDP minority/majority options?"

Maybe we want options in the realm of reality.