Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Fight Ovarian Cancer - Support A Real Live Hero

Everyone has a hero. Some people of have list of heroes. For the past 2 years, Lise Jolicoeur has topped my list of heroes. She's the real deal. She's a survivor and a fighter. She's asking for our help. And, our help she deserves.

With permission from Lise, I am posting her most recent email to help fight ovarian cancer. Please help support this cause and help support a real live hero.

HELP - need you on the front line - A l'aide!

Hello everyone!

As you already know, I join the Winners walk of Hope for ovarian cancer every year. Well, that is, since I was diagnosed and, by default, made awared of the fatal disease.

Please donate via this link or by sending a check (to the order of Ovarian Cancer Canada) to 1608-25 Carlton Street, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1L4.

Please also feel free to pass this message along to friends, family and colleagues.

Times are tough economically. Unfortunately, ovarian cancer doesn’t give respite for those 2,500 Canadian women who have and will be diagnosed this year. It also won’t stop from killing 1,700 women this year. That's 70% of women diagnosed!!!

I have been disease-free since April 2007 (knock on wood!). I consider myself lucky to be alive today given ovarian cancer is the most serious of all gynecological cancers. My dear friends Wenda McKenzie and Susan Van Iterson and Wendy McBride who fought along my side have all passed away. My good friend Kristina Pliskevicius, a young woman diagnosed at the age of 25, has just finished fighting a recurrence. It is my duty to help her and every woman diagnosed in any way that I can so they can overcome this disease.

Ovarian cancer doesn’t discriminate against age, race, socio-economic status – any woman could be Kristina. It could be someone you currently love or will love in the future – your grandmother, your mother, your sister, your daughter, your grand-daughter, your future great grand-daughter, a colleague, a friend, it could be anyone.

It's not ALL doom and gloom - there is hope! Ovarian Cancer Canada is a remarkable charitable organization and the only national charity that is dedicated to overcoming ovarian cancer. The organization supports women and their families, creates awareness and educates the public on the signs and symptom, and funds medical research.

That's why on September 13th, the Winners Walk of Hope is held in 14 cities across Canada and I hope you can either donate or join me in the walk. This year I will be walking in Winnipeg - where I grew up. If there isn’t a walk location in your area, you can become a virtual walker by fundraising online and being recognized in the walk location nearest you. You can register at

Last year, with unanimous support, the House of Commons declared September as Ovarian Cancer awareness month. Let’s keep the momentum and continue to raise awareness about this disease!

Thank you!

Lise Jolicoeur



roblaw said...

Thanks James - I made my donation.. it's nice when we actually see something constructive coming from our blogs!

James Curran said...

Thank you Rob. Some days it makes it all worth while man.

roblaw said...

No problem.. after getting pasted yesterday about showing respect for Senator Kennedy, it felt good to see some worthwhile non-partisan effort in the blog world.. hope you don't mind, but I posted a link to your site on my own blog.

sasha said...

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