Thursday, September 17, 2009

About Rahim and Helena

Life is trying. Public life is even more trying. I am not condoning drinking and driving or drug use, but I pray that these two young people get through this extraordinary event they are going through and that Rahim finds the help he obviously needs to get back on track.

Political mistakes are one thing. Personal mistakes that lead to political gain are another. Let he without sin cast the first stone.



Anonymous said...

I hope that he gets the "get tough" treatment that so-cons espouce. I hope he gets the maximum because that is what they preach.

I have no pity for hypocrites.

Too often, politicians (and other people) have no idea that their decision and choices have real life implications.

James Curran said...

I understand.

Ardvark said...

James, you deserve a call out for taking the high road on this. Well done.

As for Cherniak_WTF: I take it you are against the tough on crime approach; unless it is for former conservatives.

What was that you were saying about hypocrites again?

Anonymous said...

Ardvark, I'd have the same feelings for anyone who did "get tough on drug crimes" ads. It is the height of hypocrisy. He should be accountable to what he's been preaching (and within the present laws).

I've explained my reasoning.
Ardvark, you seem to prefer the “…do as we say not as we do”

Guergis is not helping her husband at the moment with her sanctimonious babble.
The poor bitchy wife standing by her man but refusing any questions. She's a disgrace and all the Connie MPs shielding her... well I guess they support drug use also.

Ardvark said...

Who said he should not be held accountable?

roblaw said...

James.. I have to give you props for taking the high road.. but, on this subject, I'm inclined to agree with *gasp*, Cherniak_WTF.

The Conservative party is, too often, home for ideologues who enjoy throwing stones in glass houses. When such a stone-thrower gets caught, let him hang from his own pitard.

Conservative drug policy is flawed, in the extreme, and I'm all for pillorying its advocates when they find themselves on the receiving end of that policy.

Two guesses if Rahim and his lawyer seek to advocate "manditory minimums" in his own case.