Monday, June 8, 2009

Why I'm NOT Talking About Lisa Raitt Tonight

I'll let the rest of the blogging world sink her ship now. My job is done.

I remember Jennifer over at Runesmith's Canadian Content and me trying all we could to get the riding of Halton not to vote for this incompetent excuse for a Natural Resources minister. But there were even some Liberal strategists that didn't like Garth Turner, so our fight was very much in vain.

Anywho, I've been calling for her head to roll for several, several months now. Thanks to a friend of mine that will soon be a candidate for the Liberal Party, the OLO finally caught onto how big of a story this Chalk River was going to be.

And, because of that guy's persistance, and several emails a day to Mssrs. McGuinty and Regan, this story continued to break and Ms. Raitt had to start answering some questions and appearing on some talk shows. Hence the forgotten binder, hence the tape recording becoming relevant today.

There. Now you have the rest of the story.

Oh, and having lost my father and grandfather and great grandfather to cancer, I find this twisted individual named Raitt comparing cancer to being "sexy" more than just a little offensive. What a disgusting individual.

I hope the Ontario Cancer Society shows up at her office tomorrow and pickets her for her resignation.



RuralSandi said...

It's not just cancer, it is also used for testing heart disease, so between the two diseases how many people will be in trouble?

I feel sick just thinking about her attitude - she doesn't think it's a moral issue?

roblaw said...

Seriously James.. do you honestly believe that Liberals never use the word "sexy" when talking about weighty public issues. I know different. I've had discussions with good Liberals who have used the term, in this context:

"Yes, I know it's important, but it's just not sexy enough.. the public doesn't care enough to make it an issue."

Riatt may or may not have shown competence in dealing with Chalk River (though I note, there is no mention regarding her comments respecting "cleaning up a Liberal mess").

At this stage, as I look into the problems at Chalk River, at Raitt's background at the TPA, I guess I start wondering about why she hired Jasmine MacDonnell, who happens to be the daughter of Ralston MacDonnell, who also operated a port at the time Raitt was with the TPA.. (recall Digby Wharf fiasco).. I think perhaps a more significant review of the whole situation is in order.. and let heads fall if they need to.

It's funny how, perhaps, the increbible stupidity of a 26 year old aide can mushroom into something that maybe no one, including Liberals, wants to look into too deep.

And.. while we chat about the "tape".. the Conservatives go ahead and pass Bill 15.

Anonymous said...