Wednesday, May 27, 2009

During a Nuclear Disaster Con Minister Raitt Gets Free Trip to Paris

Don Martin is one of the only MSM people in Canada that has followed this nuclear disaster known as Chalk River since the very early days of the Linda Keen firing. He titles his latest piece "Why no Chalk River urgency?"

In contrast, we here at TWDIKG have been all over this story trying to get it to the floor of the HoC since reports of the first leak came public. We have learned, however, that there just might be some action on this by some Liberal MPs during upcoming QP sessions this week.

Here's some highlights from Martin's article:

When confronted by predictions of medical mayhem from her opponents in the House of Commons, Ms. Raitt's words translate roughly into "Crisis? What crisis?" as she points to her "five-point plan" for handling this sort of isotope supply interruption.

This grand plan is actually a one-page ministerial statement that, among other modest moves, pledges to "ensure that Canada plays a leadership role in the planned discussions" in Paris over security of isotope supply.

Wow. a free trip to Paris!

Prime Minister Stephen Harper cautioned in 2007 that this particular reactor's shutdown would "jeopardize the health and safety and lives of tens of thousands of Canadians," yet he has yet to respond to the current crisis in the Commons.

Former health minister Tony Clement warned "every day counts in this situation. Two or three days works out to something like 210,000 procedures worldwide." Yet the current health minister spent yesterday banning flavoured tobacco product and discussing Governor-General Michaelle Jean's symbolic dining on a raw seal heart.

Come on. It's the economy stupid. Who cares if people in the Ottawa River area glow in the dark and 400,000 medical procedures are cancelled?

It's not only the government shrugging off this ugly scenario. Despite experts calling it a "catastrophe in the making," the Chalk River shutdown has rated just three questions in the House of Commons this week.

Come on Don. We have nominations to fight and money to raise. And there's more important issues at the HoC like nannies and such. What the hell are you thinking?



RuralSandi said...

The father of a close friend of my husband has been diagnosed with cancer and has supposed to have been scheduled for treatments - now he's worried he won't be able to get them (in time).

This is scary stuff - and she's in Paris.

sassy said...

She's probably just as useful to Canada when in Paris as she is here (doing nada no matter where she is)