Thursday, March 12, 2009

Turns Out Stephen Harper Loves 3rd Party Advertising

And former EnCana boss Gwyn Morgan loves 3rd party advertisers too. Say mister! Can you spare a fellow Conservative an extra $20k?



roblaw said...

James, when you're right, you're right (no pun intended).. although, at the same time:

Stephen Bronfman, through his foundation, donates over $1 million to David Suzuki, who, uh, drives all over Canada to attack Stephen Harper..

Power Corporation of Canada also donates over $1 million to Suzuki.. which company just happens to include Paul Martin and Jean Chretien among it's past employees...

Patrick Keenan, through his foundation, donates over $1 million to Suzuki.. and while not a household name, Keenan's company was caught up in a little affair when it was discovered a subsidiary corporation of his, Royal Lepage, was awarded a billion dollar federal relocation contact under the Liberal government without tender process..

I don't say this to condone skirting election donation legislation through 3rd party advertising.. but at least the National Citizens' Coalition was a "registered third party".

I don't think any of it is good - and I don't think we should have "registered third parties" either, personally, otherwise, why have donation limits?

But, it certainly isn't simply a "conservative" issue.

James Curran said...

I don't remember Chretien and Martin lobbying against third party advertising such as Harper did when he was head of the NCC. He's a hypocrite and simply continues to show he will do just about anything to stay in power.

I wonder what the final tally of third party advertisers was for Gary Lunn's campaign?

18 Senators in one day Rob? Not even Chretien, Trudeau or Martin would ever, ever think of such a thing.

roblaw said...
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roblaw said...

You'll get nary a comment from me regarding the Senate appointments.. he could have taken the high road, he didn't, simple as that.

And I'm not at all suggesting there is any moral high ground on third party advertising and promotion - as indicated, I think it is inappropriate from any side -it truly makes election finance restrictions pointless.. seriously, why limit donations when you can just give money to a "third party" advertiser and have them campaign indirectly.

My point, I guess, is that those of us who aren't trying to keep jobs as elected officials, from any political stripe, should find the commonality in the things that all politicians are doing wrong and call them on it, right and left and in between.

More and more people are really seeing little to choose from from political parties in general - voter turnout is horrible - and to a great extent I think it's a lack of integrity of those of all political stripes in the system.. such as you do regarding Michael Ignatieff from time to time - though for perhaps more particular reasons..

lyrical said...

Maybe the headline should have read: "Un conservateur d'élite versé 20 000 $ pour s'attaquer à Stéphane Dion".

Friends out west sent me this article. They said they tried to post a (polite) comment but it didn't get posted.

James Curran said...

Sad really. I honestly feel the environment is lost for years and years to come.