Thursday, March 12, 2009

Are You Saying it was Okay to Attack Mr. Dion Mr. Speaker?

With all due respect to the Speaker of the House, WERE YOU HIBERNATING THESE PAST 3 YEARS???

Relentless personal attacks have been leveled at Liberal MPs over the last three years. Intensified tenfold after the election of Stephane Dion as the Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. So, again, why the sudden enlightenment?

As an aside, I've read both his books on political strategy, but I'm not sure that the Head of your War Room garnering more headlines than your leader is a good thing. Then again, I haven't written any books on strategy lately.



Chrystal Ocean said...

Am not impressed with Milliken. Pretty spineless methinks. And since he wrote that letter, there have been other incidents. Did he do anything about them, as he threatened in the letter? Nah!

roblaw said...

In fairness, personal attacks have been, rightly or wrongly, a way of life in commons for generations.. but there is a certain double-standard for a certain "war room strategist".. and you're correct in the publicity area, one would not think it behooves Mr. Ignatieff to have someone so clearly connected to him to be firing off these random lawsuits, which, like it or not, are going to create more publicity and maintain a steady stream of "remember Adscam" in the media as a result.

Demosthenes said...

The pushback could be expected, but a lawsuit? This will only focus attention on what he said that was so objectionable in the first place.

(And as for the Speaker...if a significant faction in Dion's own party is letting the attacks slide, why on earth wouldn't he let it slide too? He IS a Liberal, after all.)