Thursday, March 5, 2009

Do the Citizens of Ottawa Know They're Drinking Radioactive Water???

If you knew, would your drink it? Not me. Has there been any public notices or advisories?

Minister Raitt must be fired, a la Linda Keen, for gross incompetence on this file.



Mala Fides said...

When will Stephen Harper and Lisa Raitt tell Canadians what the real situation is at Chalk River?

Linda Keen the former head of Canada's Nuclear watchdog agency (fired by Harper for temporarily shutting down the Chalk River facility) will be in front of the Federal Court in Ottawa on March 31

This is an ongoing public health and national security concern and a potential political disaster for Harper.
Why did he wait two months to tell Canadians about the initial leaks?

Why hasn't Harper told Canadians about the full extent of the leaks and the damage to the environment and our drinking water?

Where are the investigative reporters?

Where is the public outcry about this???

This is just the preliminary stages of a set-up to privatize Canada's nuclear facilities.
Harper and Flaherty have only one trick to deal with the deficit that they have created and that is to sell off Canadian assets.

They will let this situation get so bad that they will con the Canadian public into thinking that privatization is the only salvation.

Just wait for the other shoe to drop.

deBeauxOs said...

Yep. DAMMIT JANET! blogged about the hot shit situation in early February. Lisa Raitt is a good fit for Stevie's crew of indifferent, ignorant and insolent cabinet ministers.

Big Winnie said...

Raitt should not only be fired, she should be prosecuted for failing to protect Canadians.

Vlad Glebov said...

Fired might not be enough, I think this needs an investigation and possible criminal charges if there is negligence involved.


James Curran said...

We sure are lucky to have her aren't we? Sure beats Garth's integrity doesn't she?

As Marie Antoinette would say: Let them drink tritium!

lyrical said...

Add a little freon to your radioactivity, and you've got a deliciously chilled glow-in-the-dark cocktail for your next Hallowe'en party.

Partisan Hobo said...

Fired? She's doing exactly the job she was hired to do. While I share your outrage, the increasingly cynical side of me thinks that Ms. Raitt's job description probably says little about truth, science, or wise decision making. Meanwhile, the Liberals have traditionally been the biggest champions of nuclear power ... The mess is far, far bigger than just one Minister.