Friday, February 20, 2009

Canada Wants the 2015 Pan Am Games!

As promised, here's the Facebook Group. Please join in support of our bid. This event is a big windfall for many, many communities. Go David Go!!!



Big Winnie said...

A very good article pertaining the situation in Hamilton:

Mala Fides said...

This is going to be great for the region in every possible respect, from infrastructure to civic and national pride.

These Games will bring much needed transportation and City rejuvenation in addition to putting up the long overdue sports facilities to support both community level activities and future international events.

What the naysayers are not recognizing is that when these types of opportunities are properly planned, there will be an ongoing influx of revenue to businesses and an increase in municipal revenues that would never be available unless the initial investment is made.

The key is to ensure that the facilities are used to their maximum capacity with community level programs and that world-class events are regularly scheduled to keep the crowds coming back.

The velodrome represents a huge opportunity for Hamilton to get a facility that will capture a wide open market in eastern and central North America in a sport that is growing faster than any other.

The Mound of Sound said...

Any chance we can get you to take the 2010 Winter Olympics? Please? They're all yours, just ask. Really, we mean it.

Big Winnie said...

Hamilton City Council approved the funding for the Stadium.