Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Big Announcement for the Golden Horseshoe and Ontario

Today former Ontario Premier, David Peterson announced the venues for Ontario's 2015 Pan American Games bid. It's a good news announcement for a lot of communities in the Golden Horseshoe.

Ontario's bid is up against Lima, Peru and Bogota, Columbia to scoop up the games. Let's hope the former Premier finally lands us one.

Personally, and selfishly, I would like to see the velodrome get built in Hamilton. It's a project that I think will bring some new life to Hamilton and its youth community.

Regardless, I'll blog ya all later with the Facebook Group. Get with the program everyone. We'll show 'em some good ole fashioned Canadian spirit.



roblaw said...

Well, good for Ontario.. I'll be crossing my fingers..

roblaw said...

..following up on the last comment, I can say that as an Albertan, I have noticed a distinct increase in what I have perceived as an acknowledgement from central and eastern Canada that our prosperity is shared.. and it makes it much easier to also hope for success in other areas, especially Ontario with the significant impact on manufacturing of late. So - go David Peterson, good luck!

James Curran said...

Let's just hope David finally wins one. Go David Go! Go David Go!

Big Winnie said...

I'm hoping that City Council approves the funding for the stadium/velodrome on Monday otherwise this will screw Hamilton from hosting any future sporting event.