Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time to Update all Your Blogs

All of you displaying these badges can now feel free to free up you sidebars. Nothing to see here folks. Move along.

What's up next? Liberal 308.



Scott Tribe said...

Er.. why should Liberal 308 be taken off?

The group is still active, thanks very much.. and this particular event today has nothing to do with it.

Take it down if you want.. but it isn't because the admins who formed the group are killing it. The aims and goals of the Liberals who are part of that group remain the same as they did yesterday.

James Curran said...

Where do I start Scott.

What I'm saying is that the grassroots of this party are not being heard. Just like the most vulnerable of our society is not being heard in this budget today. The Liberal Party of Canada let the unemployed and the poor down today. They had a chance to do great things with amendments.

Liberal 308 is a wonderful concept. Are any of the members on the new Renewal Committee or the new Change Committee?

Oemissions said...

But I love those badges!

penlan said...

"Oemissions said...
But I love those badges!"

Those badges are defunct now. There is no longer a coalition & they are useless.

I'm so angry at Iggy & The Lib Party for what they did yesterday. I have lost ALL hope. I'm one of those living in poverty that James referred to in this post. One of many. I expect to be homeless in the near future. Seriously. My ability to survive with the rising costs of everything is taking every cent I have to keep my apt., pay utilities & 2 other small bills, with NOTHING left over for food, meds, or any other necessity. It's become a nightmare. And I'm a shut-in as I'm disabled.

Iggy repulses me now. Just another political gameplayer, as the Lib Party has now completely become - useless.