Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Failing Which What????

Text of the proposed Liberal amendment to the government's budget motion:

That the motion be amended by changing the period to a comma and adding the following:

"on condition that the government table reports in Parliament no later than five sitting days before the last allotted day in each of the supply periods ending March 26, 2009, June 23, 2009, and Dec. 10, 2009,

(a) to provide ongoing economic and fiscal updates;

(b) to detail the actual implementation of the budget;

(c) to itemize the actual effects of the budget with respect to the protection of the most vulnerable in Canadian society, the minimizing of existing job losses, the creation of the employment opportunities of tomorrow, the provision of economic stimulus in a manner fair to all regions of Canada, and the assurance that the government's deficit is not a burden to future generations or a detriment to economic recovery and finally;

(d) to provide details on any adjustments or new measures as may be required to benefit the Canadian economy."



Anonymous said...

So they are asking for press releases that mean nothing.


lyrical said...

This looks like a list of homework assignments. Let's see if they're handed in completed.

Better still, let's wait and see next week how the Auditor General grades the govt. This could be good. This report was prorogued, too.

MississaugaPeter said...

Do supply periods actually end in the middle of the month, or will bureaucrats have to create ones for the end of the month as well as for the 26th, 23rd, and 10th of the respective months requested?

If Harper decides that he will not have the House sit after Easter - just one of the decisions you get to make as prime minister, like calling elections (even though you set an election date), prorogues, etc. - would that mean that the June 23 report was due in March, or Harper decides not to have the House sit in the fall - just one of the decisions you get to make as prime minister, like calling elections (even though you set an election date), prorogues, etc. - would that mean that the December 10 report was due in June?

It would be hilarious (not) if the Conservatives and one of the other former Coalition parties vote this amendment down.

RayK said...

The Conservatives could vote for this amendment and then literally ignore it altogether--not tabling any report at all.

If they did, now that they've killed the coalition, the only option available to Ignatieff and the Liberals would be the same option they've always had: vote down the Conservativces and trigger an election. But, of course, they won't do that because they can't afford an election.

Igantieff caved. That's all that happened today. Those who are pretending otherwise either have no idea what they're talking about or are just plain lying. For a hilarious example of the latter, see here.

MississaugaPeter said...

The amendment should have requested a daily report (not).

Can you imagine how many jobs could be created or how many more Conservative consultants/hacks could get rich?

Reid said...

On page 72 of the Budget the government says it will report to Parliament on the implementation before the summer, after the summer, and in the winter. Iggy put the government on super duper secret probation by demanding the first 2 report periods be moved forward to the spring and before summer. Wow. What a forcefull leader you guys have in Iggy.